Laswa nga Tambo

Laswa nga tambo is a dish made up of different vegetables. Actually I never get the chance to taste it but I’m very much welling to do so. As what I have seen on the pictures, laswa nga tambo looks delicious and the procedure to cook such dish is not really difficult. I am looking forward to learn how to cook it at home if I had a chance.

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This Is Me..

Life is so unpredictable, anything could happen just in a blink of an eye. What we  have now may gone tomorrow so we must learn how to value anything comes. We must thank God  for all the blessing that comes on our everyday living. That is what I believed in.

I am Winda Estopa, a proud daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mindalina and William Estopa, and a proud resident of Brgy. Dumolog, Roxas City. I am proud because for the information of everybody most of  both fresh and dried fish came from the Brgy. I lived. That is the main source of income of all Dumolognon. So if you want to buy dried fish (uga) just come their and choice from the wide variety  of our product. Nagpromote bah..

My life is not different from the other. I’ve  tasted everything, from the sweetness of success to the bitterness of failure and hurt. Success because aside from what had happen to my family when I was a child that might lead to us a broken family, still here we are, together  with my mama, papa and my four brothers living together as a one big happy family, which I considered as a success. I can’t live without them, they are the person whom I can give up my life with because I love them so much. I can give everything just to see them happy, to see  my parents that are proud of me. They had given me everything that I need, and i thank them so much for that. For the love, patience and for accepting me aside for what I have done few years back. I know I’ve caused them a lot of pain and I’m willing to do everything just to lessen that, and I hope that I can.

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About Me….

I am Winda Estopa, presently a 2nd year college student at Hercor College, taking up Computer Science. Presently residing at Brgy. Dumolog, Roxas City.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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